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Where has your meat been?

Have you ever come home from the grocery store, only to open your freshly purchased raw meat and find it's slimy, off-color, or a little unappetizing? This is an all-too-common problem when purchasing meat from chain grocery stores, and it's what happens when meat is purchased in bulk from corporate farms with questionable standards. It also makes it difficult for corporate grocery stores to keep fresh meat products on their shelves — sometimes, this results in newly purchased meat that is slimy, off-color and unappealing.

Locally Farmed

Much of the meat at Sugar Valley Meats is Ohio-raised and often comes from neighboring farms. This means that we're able to put freshly cut and ground meats in our case every day, and you can keep it them in your fridge days longer than you could with corporately farmed meat. Because we process meat daily, you can always feel confident that what's in the case is fresh. If you have a special request, we're always happy to cut anything you need while you wait!

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Animal Processing

From the beginning, the heartbeat of Sugar Valley Meats has been our custom animal processing. We're able to process beef, hogs, goats, and lambs on-site all year long. Our team of skilled butchers can break down your animal according to your order. If you're interested in reserving a spot to have an animal processed, give us a call at: (330) 852-4423.

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Meet Your Meat

What's the difference between a T-Bone and a Porterhouse? Where does brisket come from? How many pigs does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Okay, the last one is a joke, but there's a lot to learn about different cuts of meat, how to prepare them, and what part of an animal they come from. Here's where you can get the skinny on all things meat.

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