The Butcher's Cuts

Our guide to getting the most from your hog

Often, when a customer purchases a whole or half hog for the first time, they're not sure what cuts they want from their animal. When customers are stumped on their cutting instructions, we do have a standard breakdown, recommended by our butchers, that gives a good selection of pork. If you're not sure what cuts will get you the best variety from a hog, check out our recommendations below.

Whole Hog

Pork Chops: Bone-in 5/8"
4 per package Approx: 50-60 pc

Hams: Smoked Sliced 1/2"
2 per package 16 slices + 4 ham ends

Shoulders: (1/2) Roasts 2# Approx: 4-5 pc
(1/2) Steaks 5/8"
2 per package Approx: 8-10 pc

Bacon: Smoked Sliced
1# per package Approx: 12-14 pks

Ribs (Spare): Yes 2 slabs

Hocks: Smoked 4 pc

Sausage: Salt & Pepper Bulk 1# per package Approx: 15-20 lbs

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