All of our beef and pork products come from local farms and are always hormone and antibiotic-free.

Angus is a breed of cow. Herford, Shorthorn, Simmental are also breeds of cows. Some of the beef we sell comes from Angus cows, and all of the beef we sell is from a beef breed (meaning we don't sell dairy beef in our retail store). None of our beef will carry a "Certified Angus" seal.

If you've ordered a beef, you should expect it to be ready within 3 weeks. We hang all of our beef for 10-14 days before cutting to reduce the liquid content and because aged beef has a more intense, delicious flavor.

Check out our Steak 101 page for tips on preparing your meat.

Any time you buy a furnished or custom-processed animal from Sugar Valley Meats, it is always produced in Ohio. We supply as much of our meat locally as possible, but due to the popularity of certain cuts, such as steaks, some of our products are ordered in from other reputable butchers. Our smoked meat products are always cured and smoked in-house.

None of our smoked products contain nitrates. Nitrites prevent spoiling and give cured meats their characteristic color and flavor, and we only use the minimum amount to cure our meats properly.

As the exterior of beef is exposed to the air, it naturally begins to oxidize. This is not an indication that the meat has gone bad or is spoiled. Check out the FDA's guide to meat coloration.