Delicious Old Fashioned Smoked Ham in Sugarcreek, OH

Here at Sugar Valley Meats, we offer a full line of fresh pork products in our retail store, as well as smoked pork products like old-fashioned smoked hams, bacons, sausages and kielbasa. Our pork is purchased locally and prided to be hormone and antibiotic free. With our on-site butchering we guarantee freshness. Sugar Valley Meats prides ourselves on having our own smoke house on site where we can provide our customers with the freshest smoked meats possible. One of our most popular items, especially during the holidays, is our smoked hams. This old-fashioned smoked ham near Walnut Creek, Ohio has become a favorite from customers near and far. The succulent smoked hams are available with the bone or boneless. Our bone-in smoked hams are considered partially cooked and have black pepper coating the outside. The boneless smoked hams are fully cooked and not only are enjoyed baked, but sliced as deli meat as well. You can find cooking instructions for our old-fashioned smoked bone-in hams in our recipes for the month for your holiday dinner! Though we do custom butchering, our schedule fills up quickly. If we are unable to process a customer’s hog, they can bring in their own fresh hams and fresh sides to Sugar Valley Meats to have them cured and smoked by us. We offer slicing and packaging as well- just call for pricing! As always, if there are pork and smoked products you look forward to purchasing from us and want to be sure we can have these products for you, call ahead and we would be more than happy to put an order in to reserve your items. Keep that in mind during this Christmas season for your old-fashioned smoked hams in Walnut Creek, Ohio.

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*Though we try to keep all of our cuts in stock, we recommended you call ahead for these items. If there are any special cuts you do not see on our product lists, feel free to call in and we will try our best to meet your needs!

Old fashioned smoked ham in Walnut Creek, OH