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Pork is a best seller, and for good reason! It's widely versatile and can be adapted for many different preparations — and it's definitely gaining popularity in restaurants. But, even the most knowledgable meat enthusiasts have trouble figuring out where different cuts of pork come from. We've put together this series of articles to help you feel confident when you shop and learn the best ways to prepare pork.

Browse the articles below for the inside scoop on some of our most frequently asked about topics. Can't find what you're looking for? Be sure to check our FAQ page where our butchers answer common questions from customers.

Pork Primals

Get a breakdown of the different pork primals and what cuts can be made from each.

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The Butcher's Cuts - Pork

If you're not sure what cuts will get you the best variety from a hog, check out our recommendations.

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BBQ 101

Some of our best tips for preparing two classic BBQ favorites: ribs and pulled pork.

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Ask The Butcher

Got a quick question for our butchers? Check here first — we bet you'll find your answer.

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