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The beef we carry at Sugar Valley Meats is locally raised and grain-fed. We only sell the best hormone and antibiotic-free beef that is butchered on-site. Whether you're looking for hamburger, prime rib, or something more specialized, like heart, tongue, or liver — we've got you covered. We carry a variety of freshly cut steaks, ground beef, tenderloins, and more in our case each day. For a full list of beef products we stock, click the button below:

Beef products we stock


There's always a wide selection of fresh pork products available in our case each day. Because we have a smokehouse on-site, we're able to cure and smoke a variety of pork products in house. Items like our bacon, smoked turkeys and hams, and jerky are always handmade at our shop. If there's an item you want that you don't see in our case — don't hesitate to ask if we can cut something fresh for you! For a full list of our pork products, click the button below:

Pork products we stock

Chicken and Turkey

All of our chicken comes from Gerber's Poultry in Kidron, OH. We source from Gerber's because of their high quality products and the fact that they never use antibiotics or additives in their chicken. A relatively new addition to our seasonal meat selection are farm-fresh Thanksgiving turkeys from Bowman & Landes in northwest Ohio. These birds are available only in November — consider ordering one for your Thanksgiving table this year! For a full list of our chicken and turkey products, click the button below:

Chicken and Turkey products we stock

Deli Meats, Cheeses, and Grocery Items

Our deli counter is always stocked full of your favorite meats and cheeses, all sourced locally. We slice your meat to-order, exactly how you want it. Our retail store also offers a selection of grocery items, such as butter, sauces, bakery items, and more. We also offer special seasoning blends that we create on-site for many of our own meat products — and now you can take them home with you! Check out our dry rubs and seasonings in-store.

Deli products we stock

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There's a lot of talk about whether grass-fed, organic, or free-range meat is best, but what Reuben and Sharon Erb knew from the day they opened Sugar Valley Meats is simple: local is better.

It was 1990 when Reuben realized there was a need in the community for a locally owned meat market, so he and Sharon set up shop just off route 39 with the mission to provide quality, locally-raised meat to the area. As a boy, Reuben grew up helping his father provide custom processing on their family farm, and today, the entire Erb family works for Sugar Valley Meats, a country butcher shop that has become a community staple.

Farmers bring animals to Sugar Valley Meats for their custom processing, locals stop in for their weekly meat groceries, and visitors find their way back year after year to stock up on their favorite items.

The Erbs still believe you should know where your meat is coming from and that you deserve the finest quality for your family. Stop in at Sugar Valley Meats and bring home high quality meats that you can feel good about serving your family.